Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor Featured on ABC's "Secret Millionaire" Susan Harrow is THE go-to media coach for any woman entrepreneur who wants to have a strong media presence. After working with her, I felt MUCH more prepared to skillfully navigate my appearances, ranging from everything from morning lifestyle shows to hard-news segments on Fox Business. I recommend Susan to all my clients who are ready to rock the media. If you have the chance to work with Susan, jump on it.

~ Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor Featured on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire” www.alibrown.com

Nancy Marmolejo, Online Visibility ExpertThank you for the amazing ideas and feedback you gave me on our consult. Just the sheer act of talking with you opened up so much. thank you for who you are and the god given talents you so beautifully use! Love & Gratitude.

~ Nancy Marmolejo, Online Visibility Expert, Speaker, Mentor, Author www.vivavisibilityblog.com

Sara Gottfried MD, Harvard-Trained Integrative Physician and authorSusan Harrow is a course-changer: she profoundly alters the way I approach my online presence, new book, and virtual medical practice. I feel supercharged and empowered every time we talk. Susan’s course on sound bites provided laser-sharp focus for my book (content and launch), blog posts and interacting with my clients — and as you know, there’s a lot of noise in the online world about honing your message.

Susan helps me clarify and put into action my new integrative medicine packages efficiently and effectively. Her framework makes me think differently about what I do and how to expand my place in the world as an integrative physician, thought leader and hormone specialist.

While she calls herself a media coach, her influence is far more broad and deep. Her guidance and attunement are unparalleled in the industry. In short, Susan Harrow is a genius and her influence on me is nothing short of miraculous. I’m thankful to have her on my team and suggest you add her to yours.

~ Sara Gottfried MD, Harvard-Trained Integrative Physician and author of the forthcoming book, The Hormone Cure (Scribner/Simon & Schuster) www.saragottfriedmd.com

Molly Gordon, Business sage and trickster for the spiritually and psychologically savvyYou were terrific on the teleseminar this morning for the Self Employment Tele-summit. Every time I hear you I am struck by how you make the arcane and intimidating world of sound bites accessible and meaningful to Accidental Entrepreneurs.

~ Molly Gordon, Business sage and trickster for the spiritually and psychologically savvy www.shaboominc.com/blog

Board-certified surgeon and founder of The Caregiver ClubEvery time I’m quoted in a national publication, I say to myself, “Thank you Susan Harrow!” I was not born with a silver tongue; I am constantly refining my skill at talking so people will listen. Susan offered me a template that will serve me for a lifetime. Besides breaking down the fine art of sound bite creation into pieces anyone can master, Susan helped me create sound bites that sound like me. Thank you, Susan

~ Dr. Vicki Rackner, Board-certified surgeon and founder of The Caregiver Club, and www.painstompers.org. Working with leaders of families, medical teams and organizations to make a positive difference when its members are in pain

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Olympic Performing Edge CoachSusan Harrow is the premiere expert marketing strategist and media coach that I trust to help me create and design my Olympic peak performance coaching programs, national media appearances, and entrepreneurial goals. She is one of the most phenomenal strategic planners and consultants I have ever had the opportunity to work with.

As an NBC-TV Olympics expert guest, Your Performing Edge best-selling author, Stanford trained sports psychologist, professional speaker, coach to Olympic Gold Medallists, and San Francisco Marathon winner, I look to Susan Harrow as  one of the leading, most up-to-date  experts, whom I depend upon for creating the professional image I need for my speaking engagements, media appearances and product launches. Susan Harrow is a tremendous support and inspiration for me in my professional development, speaking, coaching, national media expert interviews, and athletic career.

If you have a chance to work with appearances do it.  I have received tremendous value from her  consulting. She takes each business relationship seriously, she teaches you how to communicate extremely well to your target audience, and build a very profitable business as a result of your  marketing.

I’m now taking Susan’s Sound bite course, and just one single consultation in one of Susan’s Q and A sessions is worth the entire price of the Sound bite course for me.

I cannot say enough great things about Susan Harrow- highly recommended!!

~ Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Olympic Performing Edge Coach www.drjoann.com
Oprah and NBC Olympics – TV Commentator
Keynote Speaker/Best-selling author, Your Performance Edge
Coach to CEO’s and Olympic Gold Medalists
Winner, San Francisco Marathon
World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, Champion athlete
Stanford University Medical Center Trained Sports Psychologist

Halle Eavelyn, Owner Spirit Quest ToursSusan is a powerhouse of savvy advice. She knows what she can do to help and she is honest and unflinching as well as understanding. Her insights about our web site helped to shape a redesign that we have gotten tons of compliments on and fit in much better with our company message. Susan is sharp, dedicated to your best interests, and a great asset to have in your back pocket! I can’t wait to work with her again!

~ Halle Eavelyn, Owner Spirit Quest Tours www.spiritquesttours.com

Silvia Zsoldos, Ph.D. President of Success Programs,Inc.I have to tell you that to enroll was the best decision I have made this year.

You have a wonderful way of getting to the point without brushing the seeker aside. I also like your sound bites, such as “Say less, mean more!”

~ Silvia Zsoldos, Ph.D. President of Success Programs,Inc., www.successprogramsinc.com, and author of What Planet is Your Team From?

Debora McLaughlin, CEO, The Renegade Leader

The Your Signature Sound Bites™ program turned around my entire business. Steve Jobs talked about ‘connecting the dots” in his famous Stanford College commencement speech. The Sound Bites program did just that, it connected the dots of my life experience, education and career in a way that attracts attention like a magnet. Since then my book, The Renegade Leader, has been picked up by a major publisher and after hearing my sound bites they committed to a global marketing campaign. I’ve been selected for radio shows and interviews and given the opportunity to write a column for my ideal clients. All of this was within two months of completing the program.

In addition I can confidently present my offerings in a manner that attracts clients and justifies high value fees. Now I have a compelling audio logo, a core signature speech and a list of services that only I can uniquely provide. The Signature Sound Bites class not only gave me words and clarity, it identified my unique finger print helping me to take the top lead in my industry. I am on track to more than double my earning for this next year. If you are looking to really take your place in the world, start by taking the Signature Sound Bites program.

~ Debora McLaughlin, CEO The Renegade Leader, www.TheRenegadeLeader.com

Todd Guenther, CSP, Training Specialist/Managing PartnerI’ve not written a fan “thank you” letter since meeting Bono and his family years ago. Thank you for providing the services and information. I recently applied your ideas of connecting youthful past with present conditions to be VERY helpful in a training event I spoke at last week. There was a little “a-ha” moment when I read it, then “sparks” when I practiced it, and finally “fireworks” when I applied the connective tissue during my presentation. Thank you so much for your insights and I hope our paths can cross someday, it would be a welcome chance to thank you in person.

~ Todd Guenther, CSP, Training Specialist/Managing Partner, www.RuSafe2.com Training & Compliance To educate, motivate, inspire, and beyond

Christianna Caeliss, Romance Expert, Mentor & CoachAfter so many years of indirect connection, taking your original sound bite course and following your blogs, it was an absolute privilege and pleasure to connect with you one-on-one the way we did.

Our call changed MANY things. You helped me get unstuck in the one thing I have the most trouble in – my messaging. It’s so frustrating for a writer to be stuck here. And I mean, you REALLY helped me get unstuck.

You know, there is something really attractive about a person who does what they do extremely well. An actor, an artist, a cook, a martial arts expert … it doesn’t matter what they do or what they are like, it’s an extremely attractive and fascinating quality. That’s what it was like with you on that call. You do what you do extremely well, like a maestro.

Not only that but you explained it in such a way that I could then take off running with it. I felt like someone who is in a dark windowless room batting their hand around trying to find the light switch – and you put my hand on the switch! (I still need to work on getting higher wattage bulbs in … but the light is on.) I’ve been using the wording we came up with since our call and it works. I’m actually changing the structure of my site based on the light bulb moments during our call and it’s so much better, so much clearer.

What a relief to know that I can just use bite-sized concepts in my work instead of trying to pin the totality of my super organic, fuzzy, galaxy-wide, universe-deep process and benefits into 7 words. And funnily it feels MORE tangible and deep now that I can do that.

I also deeply appreciate that you sensed that I am a journey/process-driven kind of person and spent the time needed walking through it. Seriously, thank you. And as a bonus you ‘get me’.

~ Christianna Caeliss, Romance Expert, Mentor & Coach, www.UnleashingAphrodite.com

Brenda Ervin, Author & Americana PhotographerYour influence the past few years and your free resources has been life changing. I’m purchasing your books & audios. I’m placing your web link on my web pages for my patrons, and future clients, and today asking permission. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve reread your interview tips especially prior to interviews giving me strength and confidence. You’ve really blessed my life. Thank you again Susan! I’m forever grateful to you.

~ Brenda Ervin, Author & Americana Photographer, Rural America Heritage Documentarian, and Founder/Owner of Barn Door Publishing LLC, www.ruralamericabooks.org

The calls I do show up for, and often don’t speak, are often just what I need. 2 or 3 weeks ago was phenomenal!! My goal is to use what I have learned from you to have a thriving biz that transcends “Cliche” horse art.

~ Susan Williams, equine artist, photographer, author, speaker, equine creativity coach and founder and Chief Creative Officer of windhorseOne, www.windhorseone.com

Margo Covington, Big Vision EntrepreneurThank you for such a valuable course. My Sound Bite Buddy and I continue to meet each week.

I deeply appreciate your combination of skills, techniques and “zen” approach with the spiritual view.

~ Margo Covington, Big Vision Entrepreneur, www.margocovington.com

Mary Payne, Author, Adoption's Hidden HistorySusan Harrow is always fresh and authentic. Her webinars are full of great information and the Q and As allow participants to receive individual help for their own sound bites. It’s a bonus to be able to hear Susan’s advice to other class members, which the students may apply to their own projects.

Susan’s instruction has been invaluable. The Group Media Coaching with Allison has also been a godsend. I am thrilled with the result. Thumbs up for The Zen of Fame!!!

~ Mary Payne, Author, Adoption’s Hidden History www.adoptionshiddenhistory.com

Debra Lynn Dadd, Author, speaker, consultantI just want to tell you how happy I am with your program. It’s VERY professional and I feel like I’m getting good value for my investment already.

Thank you so much.

I’ve had so many wins from your course. It was just the right thing for me at the right time. It really made me focus on communicating what I am about, which lead me to rethink that entirely…not changing my basic essential purpose, but seeing it in a new way and being able to articulate that thread that has been running through my life, and then see how I can clear the leaves off that path and move with more confidence anew in that direction. So it has been, all in all, quite a transformation.

My big media win out of this was I got a company to sponsor 10 radio shows for me. They are paying the publicist to book me and I am promoting their product as well as my book and website (and I got the idea I could do this with other products I know too). I am working on my sound bites for those interviews.

A lot of changes are happening in different parts of my life after doing your course. It really helped me see myself in a new way and now changes are following.

And I’ve been loving working with Margo. You picked a perfect match for both of us. I knew this course was right for me, but I didn’t know how RIGHT it would be. Looking forward to more…

~ Debra Lynn Dadd, Author, speaker, consultant, www.debralynndadd.com

Nancy Dreyfus Psy.DWorking with you feels like I am paying for talent, quick-wittedness and an enormous amount of generosity. So worth it…!

~ Nancy Dreyfus Psy.D author of Talk To Me Like I’m Someone You Love www.nancydreyfus.com

Pamela Rosara JonesI didn’t know you really respond back to emails—just wanted to let you know I read your book Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul in the library over a weekend and went to Amazon and purchased it. Now I am a branding consultant. I quit my day job as an account executive in TV.

You’re freaking brilliant! My favorite line “Doing Publicity says that you are willing and able to handle public scrutiny. That you have the confidence and ability to withstand the judgment of others no matter how harsh. You have guts”. Your books are a staple to young woman progressing in Public Relations and maintaining virtue and integrity. I’ll be speaking positives about your name along my career.

~ Pamela Rosara Jones, Founder, Branding Strategist, The Iconic Group LLC www.PamelaRosaraJones.com