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Is your business at the level that you want? Have you said to yourself, “I should get publicity but I’m not sure I’m ready.” Or, I saw my competitor appear on TV and that should have been me!” Or, “I have to lose 20 pounds before I'll do an on-camera interview.” You’re not alone. Many women want to take their rightful place in the world—but are reluctant or afraid. I’ll help you through that. Whether you're preparing for a meeting or a media interview, the process is simple, direct, and effective. Take my hand and let’s leap together.


Sound Bite Genius

If you're just beginning in your business, making $75k or less, and you're seeking clients, want to create courses and products, develop a media presence, and are looking to make more money, here are some good places for you to start:

Media Darling

If you've already got a somewhat successful business, are making between $75k and $150k in income, and you want to develop a platform, write a book, close more clients, leverage and systematize your business, use local and national media appearances to drive your business to the next level, here are the actions we recommend for you:

Celebrity Star

If you already run a very successful business, making $150k or more and want to create a bigger vision of what's possible for you in the world, consistently appearing on national TV, commanding high speaking fees, getting a 6 or 7 figure book advance, developing into a powerful philanthropist and/or world renowned thought leader — this is where you belong.